The year is 2232. The place is the remains of Louisville, Ky.

The bombs were dropped in 2015 as the deepening economic crisis created by the collapse of the global economy, has lead to a war between China and The United States of America over the outstanding loans China made to the USA.

In the run up to the conflict, Vault-Tec began constructing of large underground towns that were designed to provide long term shelter to those who could afford it.

These “Vaults”, as they became known, quickly sold out as people panicked over deepening conflict between the two super powers.

You’ve grown up in one of these vaults. Vault 101 to be exact. You’ve lead a very happy and peaceful life surrounded by your friends and communal family. But all that is about to change.

You’ve decided the unthinkable, you’re leaving the vault. A vast wasteland awaits.

Fallout: Louisville

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