Fallout: Louisville

Big Bada Boom

The game picked up in the bar where we left off. The group decided that they needed to disarm the bomb at the heart of Megaton (if they could) before they left town. Vic and Bytor went to see Cromwell to distract him while Ray worked on the bomb.

Vic and Bytor approach Cromwell, who was more than happy to preach to them. The three enter the small bomb side chapel. Knelling at the alter, Bytor notices a small gold statue in the shape of a nuke. Vic distracted Cromwell while Bytor helped himself to the small idol.

Mean while, outside at the bomb, Ray was able to remove the cover plate from the bomb and disarm it while Scott cheered from the sidelines.

The team regroups at the bar, where Ray shares his success with everyone. And while Scott and Vic sat at the bar for some grub, the rest of the team headed to Craterside supply.

At Createrside, the guys met Moira Brown who seems very excited to met the “vaulties”. Moria offers Ray a job doing research for her book “The Wasteland Survival Guild.” Ray considers the offer but is non-committal. Ray sold Moria some of the bomb parts.

Bytor tries to pawn the stolen statue and when Ray discovers what happened, he insisted that the statue be returned. On the way to return the statue, Ray is approached by Mike Lucas. Mike is the son of the late sheriff. Mike explains that his father set aside a modest home in Megaton for whomever disabled the bomb. Mike gives the keys to Ray and takes him on a tour of it. Mike tells Ray that Moira can help with the decorations.

Ray and Bytor return to the bomb side chapel and return the statue without incident.

Back at the bar, the team finally meets up with Moriarty. Moriarty offers to sell Scott the information about his father Henry. When the team hesitates on the price, Moriarty offers a “simple” job to the team in exchange for the information. Deciding that he’d rather not beat up a junkie for Moriarty’s drugs and caps, Ray hands over the caps to Moriarty. Moriarty tells Scott that his dad wanted an introduction to meet Three Dog. Moriarty tells the team they can find Three Dog down town at the Galaxy News Radio office.

While Scott wanted to leave immediately, the team spent the night in their new house and set off for downtown early the next morning.

As the team approached downtown, Scott and Dan started seeing GNR graffiti that pointed them towards the Galaxy News Radio offices. Nearing the office, the team met a woman wearing power armor and carrying advanced laser weapons. The woman introduced herself as Sentinel Lyons of the Brotherhood of Steel. She explained that the Brotherhood was currently fighting a Lurker in the area and that they group needed to avoid the GNR offices for the time being.

The group offered to help and advanced on the Lurker. The Lurker turned out to be a huge creature the size of a small house made from what looked like junk and rubble.

A few of the Brotherhood were injured in the fight, but the lurker was ultimately dropped by an amazing shot from Dan.After shooting one of the brotherhood.

Sentinel Lyons lead the team into the GNR office and to the broadcast booth were Three Dog was currently working.

We stopped here.



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