Fallout: Louisville

Welcome to the Vault

It’s Scott’s 10th Birthday! Several people were gathered in the mess hall of Vault 101 waiting to celebrate. When Scott entered with his dad, Henry, the Overseer immediately approached Scott and gave him is shiny new Pipboy. After a brief overview of how it worked, the Overseer left the party.

As Scott walked around the hall and was greeted with birthday wishes, the sweet old lunch lady approached him and gave him a box containing one sweet roll as a present.

Before Scott could say anything, crotchety old Mr. Barker came over and put his thumb in the sweet roll so he could “have a taste”.

Jonas interrupted the scene when he announced he’s repaired the food bot and the cake was ready to be cut. However, when Jonas activated the robot, it went berserk and destroyed the cake.

Realizing that he wouldn’t get any cake, Butch, Paul Jr and Wally (collectively know as the Tunnel Snakes), approached Scott and swiped the sweet roll out of his hands. Dan, Vic and Bytor all moved up to intercede on Scott’s behalf. But before they could stop him, Butch shoved the whole roll into his mouth. Incensed, Dan punched him but didn’t really hurt him. Scott started crying, asked everyone to stop fighting and moved away. Vic moved behind Paul Jr and Wally and pulled his knife without anyone noticing.

When Wally moved to jump Dan, Vic knifed him in the back. Paul Jr pulled a knife and took a swing at Dan, but missed. Dan tried to grapple Butch but ended up getting kicked in the stomach. Scott tried to grab the knife from Paul Jr to end the fight but ended up cutting his hand. Bytor looked for an opening to push down Butch but ended up slipping in cake. Out of nowhere, the food robot stabbed at Butch, but missed. Mr. Barker had jerry-rigged the robot and sent him into attack. Thinking quickly, Scott was able to stop Wally’s bleed (and probably saved his life).

Seeing the look on his father’s face, Paul Jr dropped his knife and backed away just as Paul Hammon Sr and a few security men stopped the fight.

In the end: Vic, Mr Barker, Butch and Paul Jr were lead off to the brig while Wally was taken to the medical center.

Feeling horrible about how his son’s birthday party was turning out, Henry took Scott, Dan and Bytor down into the works for a tour, some shooting lessons and a quick tutorial on how to repair their weapons. Scott was a natural shot.

That night after everything had quieted down, Scott went to the brig to see Butch and forgive him for ruining his birthday. Butch was less than polite to the boy.

Around 3am that night, Scott was woken by Amata. Apparently, Scott’s dad had left the vault and the Overseer had ordered a lock down of the facility and sent out security to make sure no one else leaves. Scott and Amata went to the brig to release Vic (and Mr. Barker) and were met by Bytor and Dan along the way. Amata left the group to distract her dad and whole group was reunited in security. Security was empty. Butch and Paul Jr were gone.

After raiding the open weapons lockers, the group decided to head back to Scott’s quarters to look for clues. Along the way, they were confronted by a swarm of Rad-Roaches and one of the security men, Kindle. While Kindle fought the Rad-Roaches, the group slipped into Scott’s quarters and discovered that Henry’s keys were missing. Dan found a Science Snow Globe.

Leaving the quarters, Kindle’s body was found laying in the hallway. In the distance Mr. Barker could hear Butch calling out attack orders to his gang.

The group headed directly to Henry’s workshop in the works. Inside the workshop they found Jonas’ body. He’d been beaten to death. A search of Jonas revealed a note from Henry. The note read,

“My son, I’m sorry I had to leave like this. But I need to finish what your mom and I started. Please don’t try to follow me. Stay in the safety of the vault. -Love Dad.”

Grabbing a few available supplies, the group went to the exit room and found Amata crying in the corner.

That’s were we stopped.

Images from this adventure

Scott’s Birthday Party



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