Fallout: Louisville

On the Outside

Amata gave the key to the exit door to Mr. Barker; who then went over to the panel, started the door opening and disabled the “close” button on the panel.

Amata told Scott that he needed to leave before her Dad found him, but the Overseer stepped into the doorway with two guards before the guys could react.

Vic moved to Amata and pointed his crossbow at her head. He demanded that the Overseer back off “or else”. Dan drew is shotgun and pointed it at one of the guards. Scott ran over to stand between Amata and Vic.

The Overseer sent the guards to stop everyone. The guards, armed with clubs, moved in. Scott slipped out the Vault Door and Bytor moved to the door to follow. Dan and Vic wasted the two guards and then shot the Overseer. Hearing Amata cry out for her father, Scott returned to the Vault and moved to bind the Overseer’s wounds to prevent him from dying.

With no one stop them, some of the guys suited up in the environmental suits found in the exit room and left the vault.

Outside, they found a desolate landscape dotted with dead trees and destroyed homes. Checking their pipboy’s they quickly realized that the background radiation levels were safe. Scott decided to keep his suit on out of a abundance of caution.

While the guys searched the area, Dan heard music off in the distance and realized it was coming closer. The source was soon evident when a robot floating by. The robot was playing a recording from a man named John Eden who claimed to be the current President of the United States of America and the leader of the Enclave. Eden claimed the Enclave is working to restore America to it’s former glory.

Bytor realized that his pipboy picked up a new radio station (Galaxy Radio), but when they turned in the station, all they heard was music.

In the distance, Megaton could be seen and the guys walked straight to it. Carefully approaching the town, they met a man begging for water and a robot guard named “Deputy Weld”. Entering the town, Mr. Barker realized that Megaton was build in the crater of an unexploded Nuclear Bomb. Scanning the town, the guys saw several stores including “Craterside Supply” and “Moriarty’s Bar”. While deciding where to go, the group was approached by the local sheriff, a man named Lucas Simms. Sheriff Simms had information about Scott’s dad and offered to tell them if they agreed to defuse the bomb at the center of Megaton. Mr. Barker begrudgingly accepted the task and Simms told Scott to talk to the bartender at Moriarty’s.

Inside Moriarty’s, the guys met the bartender; a ghoul named Gob. Bytor & Vic enjoyed a nice steak. Scott stood in the doorway and Mr. Barker and Vic sat at the bar. Gob told the guys that he’d seen Henry. Henry stopped in last night to talk to Moriarty. They guys would need to speak to Moriarty directly if they wanted information.

As the guys turned to leave, a well-dressed man at the end of the bar caught their attention. Mr. Burke offered Vic 100 caps and a free room in Tenpenny Tower if he installed a “device” in the nuclear bomb at the center of town. Vic agreed and took the package.

On the advice of Sheriff Simms, the guys sought out the town’s dealer and chief mechanic at the water treatment plant, a man named Leo Stahl. Leo first tried to get the guys to buy drugs, but when he realized all they wanted were his tools, he pointed them to the water treatment plant and told them to look out for the wildlife.

The crew went to the water treatment plant, just outside of town. They found the tools without issue but were attacked by three mutant dogs on the way out. The dogs were dispatched without issue and the team returned to Megaton.

Back at Megaton, Vic told the team about Burke and Mr. Barker realized the “device” was a remote detonator. The group found Sheriff Simms to tell him of Mr. Burke’s plans. But as soon as Mr. Barker could explain, the Sheriff grabbed his shotgun and made a beeline for Moriarty’s.

Mr. Barker and Scott decided to go disarm the bomb, while Vic, Bytor and Dan followed the Sheriff. Simms entered the bar, racked his shot gun, pointed it at Burke and demanded that Burke come with him. Burke drew his own pistol and the fight was on.

Simms had the drop on Burke but wanted him alive to find out what was going on. Burke killed Simms with a single deadly shot before the Sheriff could react. Hearing the shots, Scott and Mr. Barker started moving back to the bar. Vic, Dan and Bytor opened fire on Burke. An innocent bar patron was shot, but Burke was no match for the three and dropped after a few rounds of gun fire. Scott was able to save the bar patron, but unfortunately Sheriff Simms was dead.

This is were we stopped.

Images from this adventure



Craterside Supply

Moriarty’s Bar

The Bomb

Simms Confronts Burke



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