The bombs may have dropped a long time ago, but almost everything you’ll find is hot. Anytime you’re exposed to a radiation source, you must make a Vigor roll to avoid the effects.

Source may include:

Certain locations
Standing pools of water
Certain creatures
Food and Water that is not “clean”

Every 24 hours you lose 1 rank of radiation sickness. Certain drugs can remove levels of radiation sickness as well. Radiation exposure has the following effects.

Radiation Exposure Effects

0 : None = You aren’t exposed.
1 : None = This is nothing, I eat this for breakfast.
2 : None = Should I be concerned that my pee glows?
3 : -1 fatigue = I don’t feel so well
4 : -2 fatigue = I think I need to lay down
5 : -1 wounds = Are my teeth loose?
6 : -2 wounds = I think my hair is falling out too
7 : -3 wounds = Why does this light bulb glow while I’m holding it?


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