Every weapon has a repair rating. You add this rating to all shooting and fighting roles when using the weapon.

Ratings are as follows:

Broken – This weapon is junk and can’t be used effectively
-2 – Duct tape and prayers are holding this weapon together
-1 – This weapon has seen lots of use
0 – This weapon is in standard condition
+1 – This weapon is brand spanking new
+2 – Have you seen all the cool upgrades I put on this weapon!

Anytime you roll a critical failure on a shooting or fighting roll, the weapon drops one repair category.

Natural weapons are always +0.

Anytime you find a weapons of similar design and repair as your weapon, you may spend 30 minutes to strip the weapon for parts and improve your weapon. Access to a work bench cuts the time in half and gives you a +2 bonus to the repair roll.

On a critical failure, the parts are destroyed and your weapon is not improved.

On a success, your weapon improves one step. On a raise your weapon improves two steps.

The weapon you use for parts is always worthless after the repair roll.


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